Land of the Dead Gods

You live in a world that is beset with wars over land, artifacts and people. From one year to the next, people don’t know to whom they will owe tithes or sacrifices. Things are constantly in chaos and flux as warlords, wizards and assassins exert their power to to gain more — only to have their underlings revolt to seize their own power.

The world was not always so. In the distant past, the world was more stable and the gods bred fear and respect among the people who owed them allegiance. Over 1000 years ago, an organization was formed to oppose the gods for the control they enforced over their mortal subjects. The members acquired enough personal strength, god-powered items and elemental support to be able to challenge the gods themselves. The result was the downfall of the gods, leaving a world without direction or discipline, this was known as “the godkilling.” Once their mutual enemies were destroyed, individual members of the organization and their elemental allies fought to gain control of the now godless lands and its people, starting a seemingly never ending cycle of chaos, violence, death and upheaval.

Now the only thing that is worshipped and respected is raw power and strength. Mages wield potent magics and warriors wield weapons imbued with that power. Outposts of civilization or power bases of warlords and wizard kings are scattered through the known world. The death of the gods brought disorder and chaos to the people of the world, while those with any semblance of power sought to maintain or increase their dominance. Entire civilizations have been brought to ruin when their leaders were unable or unprepared to defend them. The general condition of each population is a state of prepared defense and nervous apprehension as they await their expected destruction at the hands of neighboring overlords.

You all start in the remote city of “Ametes Hope”. Ametes Hope has avoided the more recent power struggles and that is why you are here. Ametes Hope is lead by a council of learned men, warriors and wizards, who all desire to avoid the swirling tides of destruction. It was founded by Isaac Ametes when the world first grew chaotic. He brought his family and a number of friends with their families and built a village with a wall, it grew as other refugees and fugitives from war found the peaceful village. Now it is of suitable size to either protect itself or draw the aggression of jealous despots.

And now things have gotten better, the gods have been replaced. There are 13 new gods:
Eshen Ki
Kokkor Hekkus

Land of the Dead Gods

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