The New Gods

After the God Items were found the three factions joined together to determine who would be the representative of what power:

Koreloff Sagitta
- Ring of Quickness
- Bow of Life
- Crown of Thorns

-Flail of Retribution
- Travelling Boots
- Sword of Earth

Cloak of the Hidden
Eyepatch of True Meaning
Gloves of the Thief

Brethen – God of the Good Life
Juggling Balls
Ring of Lust
Dice of Fortune

Changeling’s Skin
Hammer of Judgement
Tiara of Love


Artissa – Goddess of Death and Bad Luck
Ring of Dark Thoughts
Brooch of Mischief uncontained
Orb of Necromancy

Kokkor Hekkus – God of Shadows and secrets
Pen of Secrets
Sword of Shadows
Belt of Strength

Ulrich – God of War and the Seas
Sword of the Seas
Rod of Rulership
Bracers of Furious Strikes

Rathbarrie – God of Beauty and Change
Lens of True Beauty
Wand of Change
Book of Knowledge


Wyuashi-Tu – God of Magic
Orb of Blood
Orb of Enchantment
Orb of Plant Mastery

Raynor – God of Weather and the Skies
Band of Flight
Crown of Clouds
Sword of Air

Rouzeltumb – God of Crafting and Endurance
Bracers of Endurance
Cap of Reason
Blacksmith’s Divine Hammer

Eshen-Ki – God of All Light and Vision
Visor of Clear Sight
Armor of the Sun
Sword of the Sun

The New Gods

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