The University ( fortified )

Magic based
Teaches most schools of magic
Seeks to protect those with a talent with magic
Sometimes known to seek out untrained magic wielders

Seren Ilchor

Organization known to kidnap and train magically inclined students
Members allowed out in the world after they have proven their obedience
Only the highest levels in the organization know of their purpose
All of their members that have been seen in the world have worn a ring with a triangle
This ring lists their three tenets “Obedience – Dominance – Power”

Sinbringer Consortium

Organization that traffics in drugs and slaves for profit
No known indicator of membership
No known structure

Bluesleeves, AKA Ametes’ Hope guards

The bluesleeves are currently lead by Captain Tagge
The are called Bluesleeves because that is the color of the shirts they wear under their leather or studded leather vests.

There are also various groups that support elemental lords and their designs on the world.

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