Sword of the Seas

A blade that can take any form of bladed weapon - has a bluish-greenish hue to the blade

weapon (melee)

Multi-Form weapon
+ 2 hit /+ 1 Min / + 3 Max / + 1 crit

Grants owner ability to survive in this element ( water breathing )
Has 100pts, recharges 20pts / day
Has abilities that use these points
Frost Bolt (2d6(MIN) to 15d6 bolt) costs 1pt/d6 ( 2 pts min )
Wall of Ice – up to 100 cubic feet, costs 1pt/10 cubic feet – lasts 1minute per pt spent
Summon Water Elemental – 20pts / Command
Command Water Elemental – 20pts / Command
Water Breathing – 1pt / hour ( can be used on others )
Produce Water ( sea or fresh ) 10 gallons/pt


This blade was found in a stateroom in a crashed sky ship.

Sword of the Seas

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